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I offer home study courses and online programs for guitar, piano and other worship related topics. My programs are for those who desire to learn fast, grow into accomplished musicians and use their talents for ministry... for worship... for GOD!

I've been teaching online since 2004 and my 8chords100songs program was one of the first-ever online worship courses available for modern worship. My programs are structured, easy and AFFORDABLE!!! For example... the Modern Worship Guitar Course will teach you more than you could learn sitting through a full year of private lessons plus you will be able to play all 100 songs with easy chords.... That sounds wonderful right? Yes!!! and my program costs only 10% of what you would normally pay for a year of traditional lessons!!! What is the lesson here? Pay Less... Learn More!

I welcome you to stick around, watch some videos, read some student testimonials and join the FREE Member's Section! and check out the free tutorials and videos on the WorshiptheKing Blog!

If you have any questions that you would like me to personally answer, simply click customer support!
Lastly, I invite you to connect with me and other students via Facebook and Twitter!

God bless you as you begin your journey!

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